Terms of service

Any contact with AFBnetwork will be done exclusively by way of e-mail (see contact page).

Any abuse or "spam" , whatever the used way, will be made available to competent jurisdictions,
without prejudice to all other legal ways at the entire discretion of AFBnetwork.

Any access to this site is "logged", and if this provision is not appropriate to you
(which is your most strict right), please do not access to the site anymore.

All personal information provided by the Net surfers are considered by AFBnetwork as strictly confidential.
They will not be transmitted to any third parties, except obligations provided by Law,
and moreover will not be provided for advertising objectives or others means, except
formal authorization from the interested person, which can be cancelled at any moment.

In accordance with the French Law of the 06.01.1978, known as "Data processing and Liberties", all personal
information can be accessed at any moment by the interested party, and can be modified or removed
without condition, by simple e-mail request which will be acknowledged immediately.

Welcome to all !!!

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Terms of service